Wreck Beach is a picture-perfect secluded cove in the scenic Port Stephens region and is located within the Tomaree National Park. It is an ideal spot for a picnic, or watching the Port Stephens sunrise or sunset, with its crystal clear blue waters, and pristine white sand.

Wreck Beach Port Stephens

Situated between Zenith Beach to the north, and Box Beach directly to the south, Wreck Beach is tucked behind houses on Shoal Bay, and getting there takes some considerable exercise since you’ll be walking on a rough trail with a few hills.

To get to Wreck Beach, one has to hike a 1.5km trail called the Wreck Beach Trail, which you can access by parking at Verona Road on Shoal Bay. You can’t drive to the beach, so you’d need to hike for 30 minutes to an hour to access the cove. From Verona Road, follow the track that leads you uphill and onto the fire trail to get to the Wreck Beach walk.

Walk through this lush coastal Angophora forest, which leads you to the beautiful cove with open views of the ocean. The beach is about 200 meters long and it offers a secluded, pristine spot for visitors.

The trail features a Grade 4 grading, which means there are short steep hills, rough tracks, and there’s limited signage. The fire trail is wide, however, there’s a section in the walk where your legs muscles and fitness will be tested. Some visitors may find this 20-minute section challenging and it may not be ideal for the elderly or for people who have existing medical conditions.

Wreck Beach and surrounding beaches

Things to Do in Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is quiet and secluded so it’s a great spot to have a quiet picnic with your family and friends. Because it’s not easily accessible and the cove is hidden behind Shoal Bay houses, it can be a challenge to find and get to. Because of this, most visitors who go to the beach usually find it all to themselves, where they enjoy some secluded alone time to read a book, have a picnic, or watch a sunrise or sunset.

Seasonal whale watching is also something that you can do on Wreck Beach, and for the lucky few during the summer months, you can spot bottlenose dolphins in the water.

Wreck Beach is not patrolled and the currents can get strong, therefore, swimming is not recommended (but it’s definitely a good place for a splash along the shoreline to cool off). Fishing is also not allowed since the beach is a Sanctuary Zone within the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park. Collecting anything from the beach and within its waters is not allowed to preserve its pristine environment.

Pets and domestic animals are also not allowed on the beach.

What to Bring

Because there are no facilities at Wreck Beach, please bring water, food, a hat, and sunscreen.

Enjoy the beach at Port Stephens

Wreck Beach is a secluded, wild, and raw beach with pristine white sand tucked away behind Shoal Bay is a popular beach and considered to be one of Port Stephens’ best kept secrets. If you want to know more, you can contact Nelson Bay Office, which is open from Monday to Friday, between 830am to 430pm.

Map of Port Stephens

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