Adventure Activities in Port Stephens, for those who need just a little more fun on holiday.

Many visitors to Port Stephens enjoy the tranquillity, the isolation and the relaxation of the area and its surrounds. Many enjoy just watching some of the most amazing sea creatures float by. Most people enjoy soaking up the sun and the atmospshere that Port Stephens serves up daily.

But for some, thats still not enough.

Blue Water Sea Kayaking

Step up and enjoy some of Port Stephens best adventure activities. Blue Water Sea Kayaking offers a range of guided sea kayaking tours on Port Stephens.

All the sea kayaking tours within Port Stephens use ‘sit-on-top’ sea kayaks that are very stable and safe in rough conditions.

The range of sea kayaking tours caters for absolute beginners or people who are a little apprehensive about water and/or sea kayaking, right through to experienced paddlers after an exciting sea kayaking tour.

The tour of choice for most people should be the ‘Intermediate’ sea kayaking tour.

Toboggan Hill Park

Kids will love this fun park! At Toboggan Hill Park, you can go on the toboggan and try your hand at riding down the run where you hurtle down a 700m metal chute on a one man sled, speed and balance all controlled by you!

It’s the ultimate of Port Stephens’ adventure activities. There is also mini golf course facilities at the Park and Rock Climbing, Plaster Painting, Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks and Boats, Video Games, Table Games and Weird Mirrors.

Toboggan Hill Park

Toboggan Hill Park
Aquatic Close
Salamander Bay NSW 2317
Telephone: 02 4984 1022

Sandboarding at Stockton Beach

Walk up a steep sand dune with a board under your arm, jump on board, slide down hill. It’s actually more fun than it sounds! It’s one of those adventure activities that everyone who comes to Port Stephens just has to try.

Thunda Raft

Thunda Raft use a high tech Gemini 8.5 metre rigid inflatable boat, crewed by factory trained experts, the same as vessels used by the SAS and Water Police.

Enjoy a whale watching tour, or experience the thrill of a wave jumping adventure.

Thunda Raft
Berth 13, Dock C, d`Albora Marinas.
Telephone: 02 4981 3187
Bookings Essential. Telephone: 0400 382 028

Hoverflite Adventures

Time to get your adrenalin soaring with a hovercraft thrill ride or an adventure tour. You’ll soon be screaming your lungs out on the 360-degree spins and the 90-degree power slides. You won’t need to be reminded to hang on tight as the hovercraft skims over both land and water on a cushion of air at speeds of up to 120kph.

Hoverflite Adventures
165 Government Road, Corlette
Tel. 0411 026 455

Map of Port Stephens

Explore more with our Port Stephens map and find your way around Australia’s famous blue water paradise. Zoom in on the map to discover more.

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